Conference Papers

  • Keyword Revocable Searchable Encryption with Trapdoor Exposure Resistance and Re-Generateability
    K. Emura, L. T. Phong, and Y. Watanabe
    IEEE TrustCom 2015
    Publication Year

    In searchable encryption in the public key setting, a trapdoor is uploaded to a server, and the server runs the test algorithm by using the trapdoor. However, if trapdoors stored in the server will be exposed due to unexpected situations, then anyone can run the test algorithm. Therefore, the trapdoor revocation functionality is desirable in practice. Moreover, even certain keyword revocation functionality is supported, the impact of trapdoor exposure should be minimized. In addition to this, it seems difficult to assume that revoked keywords will never be used. Therefore, we need to consider the case where a new trapdoor can be generated even a trapdoor has been revoked before. In this paper, we give a formal definition of keyword revocable public key encryption with keyword search (KR-PEKS), and propose a generic construction of KR-PEKS from revocable identity-based encryption with a certain anonymity. Our construction is not only a generalization of revocable keyword search proposed by with Yu, Ni, Yang, Mu, and Susilo (Security and Communication Networks 2014), but also supports trapdoor exposure resistance which guarantees that an exposure of a trapdoor does not infect of other trapdoors, and trapdoor re-generateability which guarantee that a new trapdoor can be generated even a keyword has been revoked before.